(Paid on completion of service)

This service is performed on demand but should be performed at least every 12 months dependant on the PC operating environment.


The system is taken offline and opened up, all power supply rail voltages will be checked all connectors will be removed, cleaned and reconnected, all dust is blown out (PC Killer) then after the system has been restored (with your permission) we check the condition of the harddrive and cleanup the directory structure as required.

Backup service, monitors, printers, scanners, modems and routers etc - are NOT included)

  • Clean all connectors, blow out dust.
  • Remove tarnish and re-seat Memory modules.
  • Check Voltages, renew CPU heat paste (if system is over heating).
  • Check harddrive directory structure and cleanup.
  • Limited telephone support (conditions apply).
$ 110.00 / service / PC $ 88.00 FIRST TIME


(Invoice issued on completion Non account customers payable within 7 days.

Audit services should be performed every 12 months. We operate independantly from your current nurse call system services people and do not provide technical assistance, this is due to any conflict of interest with any contractual obligations between yourselves and your technical services provider. At the end of the completion of the audit services within seven (7) days we will send a full report via email to you and/or your facilities manager which can if required be forwarded to your current technical services provider to rectify any problems that may have been found. This report can also be submitted to the government agencies to show due diligence and "Duty of Care" regarding the condition of your nurse call system.

If you are happy with our audit services and wish to have the services auto renew every 12 months we can arrange an account offering discounts for our services. On the initial visit it is difficult to ascertain an acurate costing as we will not know the total number of rooms, beds, wards and system escalation levels.

As an example one of our clients has 32 ILU's, 32 apartments with an average of 6 call points in each that report to an off site monitoring centre and the average cost of the audit is $2.85 per call point per annum. Plus report generation the average cost is about $3.00 per call point. If you are an account customer all services are discounted by 10%.


  • Test all Nurse, Assist, Presence, Emergency etc call buttons.
  • Check that all Annunciators, pagers, screens etc are reporting calls.
  • If system is offsite monitored we liase with the control room.
  • We liase with nursing staff etc at each stage of our testing.
  • All tests are recorded onsite and on application a copy of the test sheets can be forwarded to you.
  • Printed report emailed withing seven (7) days after completion.
$ 3.00 / call point 10% disc. on renewal


Other than PC services we are also involved in many other electronic systems and devices either directly or indirectly via our channel partners etc. sources. For more information on our service level agreements with non PC based systems please do not hesitate to drop us a line, email or fill in the form on our contact page.

WE are part of a small network of businesses with the same attitudes towards customer service, some of our network are involved in Telephone Key systems, CCTV camera systems, peer to peer networking, electronic security alarm systems and back to base monitoring services.


  • Electronics Security systems and Monitoring.
  • IP networks CCTV camera systems.
  • ADSL installation and home networking.
  • Battery replacement, cleaning & testing of smoke alarms.
  • Custom electronics gadgets for Nurse Call - eg Bed mats.
  • Sim Racing custom accessories. and much more ..............

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