We specialize in providing a customisation service where you may have an idea or design which requires devices to be actuated on a spacific sequence of events or by external inputs and/or buttons. We only provide the means to make such events happen but if you are controlling 240Volt devices it will still require a licensed electrician to interface to the equipment being controlled.

Please note: There will be some scenario's where we can't help ...

Here are some examples of our custom electronics that we do ...

  • Customizable and fully functional BMW E36 dashes for Sim racing.
  • Load cell Kits for Thrustmaster T3PA pedal sets including the Pro version.
  • Sim Racing Wind kits (No fans are included - just electronics),
  • Stand alone Gear Number Displays for Sim racing.
  • For more information please go to our contacts page.


Other than PC services we are also involved in many other electronic systems and devices either directly or indirectly via our channel partners etc. sources. For more information on our service level agreements with non PC based systems please do not hesitate to drop us a line, email or fill in the form on our contact page.

WE are part of a small network of businesses with the same attitudes towards customer service, some of our network are involved in Telephone Key systems, CCTV camera systems, peer to peer networking, electronic security alarm systems and back to base monitoring services.

  • Electronic Security systems and provide Monitoring.
  • IP networks CCTV camera systems.
  • ADSL installation and home networking solutions.
  • Battery replacement, cleaning & testing of smoke alarms.
  • Custom electronics gadgets for Nurse Call - eg Bed mats.

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